Stabil Stabilicer Walk Ice Cleats

Stabilicer SL
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Featuring multi-directional cleats, the STABILicers® Walk provides everyday peace-of-mind throughout the winter months. Fitting easily and securely over your shoes or boots, this set of multi-directional ice cleats lets you walk with confidence over snow-covered pavement and icy gravel.

Winter conditions create a challenge for daily chores, but with the Walk, shoveling the driveway or walking the dog becomes more enjoyable and much safer. Carry the Walk with you wherever you go — this versatile cleat folds easily and is small enough to keep in a pack, purse, or in your car.

  • Body: Latex-free elastomer
  • Studs: Case-hardened steel
  • Multi-directional, heat-treated cleats offer improved traction in line with your normal strides
  • Aggressive cleats at the heel and forefoot help prevent slips and falls on ice, snow, gravel, and wet pavement by firmly biting into ice and snow
  • Tension fit system securely stretches and attaches to any shoe or boot size
  • TPE construction offers a lightweight, flexible fit that lasts all day and can easily be stored in a pack, handbag, or car glove box
  • Industrial-strength design withstands hard use
  • Pull tabs for easy on and off
  • Ideal for everyday use in cold weather
  • Tested flexible down to -45° F
  • Weighs 0.5-0.9 lbs.
  • Made in USA